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Thursday, November 20, 2014  

Treatment available for near-vision
MUSCAT After 40, reading vision for most people becomes blurry. It is exasperating to reach out for glasses every time you want to read small print, be it in the newspaper, menu card in a restaurant or messages on the mobile phone. Until recently, the only option was to keep reading glasses handy. Muscat Eye Laser Centre is offering KAMRA, a proven solution to keep near vision sharp, a press release said.

Presbyopia, a condition that limits the ability to focus on near objects as age progresses, cannot be avoided or prevented but can be successfully treated. Over 12 million people have had LASIK correction. KAMRA Vision is the proven solution for all laser correction patients eventually encounter even if they have always had 20/20 vision or laser vision correction.

KAMRA inlay is an intra corneal inlay that is designed to create a small aperture effect, allowing the eye to see near and intermediate objects more clearly while maintaining distance vision. The device features 8,400 high precision, laser etched micro-openings along the surface to keep the cornea healthy. KAMRA inlay, implanted in the cornea in a pocket or under a flap created by Femto Laser, improves the depth of focus of the eye thus allowing a clearer image of objects that would normally be out of focus. This procedure can also be combined with a LASIK (laser eye surgery for the correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism) treatment and can be conducted even after cataract and LASIK surgeries.

“KAMRA Vision technology enables our centre to provide patients with the proven solution to restore everyday near vision,” said Dr Maria Clara Arbelaez, Medical Director, Muscat Eye Laser Center. “Laser vision correction patients are accustomed to an independent lifestyle free of the inconveniences of glasses or contact lenses. KAMRA Vision helps our laser correction patients in their 40s keep sharp vision without skipping a beat.”

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