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Sunday, March 01, 2015  
Inadequate response     by Javed Hafiz
Facing a crisis     by AJ Philip
Looking back     by Javed Hafiz
The end of Europe as we know it now     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Perform or perish     by AJ Philip
Highly patriotic     by Javed Hafez
True or false     by AJ Philip
Truth deficit     by Javed Hafez
Parting kick     by AJ Philip
No Imran fever now     by Javed Hafez
Expendable entity     by AJ Philip
Cooperation crucial     by Javed Hafez
Political games     by AJ Philip
Opportunistic politics     by Javed Hafez
Scientific temper vital     by AJ Philip
Europe’s old lethal cocktail quite unnerving     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Influential Pakistanis     by Javed Hafez
Rule by ordinances     by AJ Philip
Antidote to militancy     by Javed Hafez
Maoist menace     by AJ Philip
Yes, it’s Happy New Year! But whither Europe?     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Yes, it’s Happy New Year! But whither Europe?     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Yes, it’s Happy New Year! But whither Europe?     by Marcel Van Silfhout
United in grief     by Javed Hafez
Evenly poised     by Javed Hafiz
Loot by another name     by AJ Philip
Europe in the shadow of bird flu     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Europe in the shadow of bird flu     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Europe in the shadow of bird flu     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Changing scenario     by Javed Hafez
Unplanned twist     by A J Philip
The China factor     by Javed Hafez
Fixing the freeloaders     by A.J. Philip
Working together     by Javed Hafez
Great leap in ties     by AJ Philip
Welcome trends     by Javed Hafez
Welcome trends     by Javed Hafez
Welcome trends     by Javed Hafez
National agony     by AJ Philip
The people’s Sultan     by Ajith Das
The bear’s new game     by Roger Cohen
The bear’s new game     by Roger Cohen
The bear’s new game     by Roger Cohen
New phase in ties     by Javed Hafez
The Modi touch     by AJ Philip
Challenge for Sharif     by Javed Hafiz
Modi’s realism     by AJ Philip
Tribute to democracy     by AJ Philip
The great rivalry     by Roger Cohen
The great rivalry     by Roger Cohen
The great rivalry     by Roger Cohen
Bilawal’s task     by Javed Hafez
Modi’s gamble pays off     by AJ Philip
Pakistan’s pride     by Javed Hafiz
Tough task for MPs     by AJ Philip
Overhaul needed     by AJ Philip
Afghan policy shift     by Javed Hafez
Imran loses sting     by Javed Hafez
In jail finally     by AJ Philip
Big menace     by Javed Hafez
Sound and fury     by A J Philip
The Netherlands must rebuild its army     by MARCEL VAN SILFHOUT
It’s a draw     by Javed Hafez
No more a pariah     by AJ Philip
Three big gains     by Javed Hafiz
Equal rights     by AJ Philip
Theories galore     by Javed Hafiz
Wrong priority     by AJ Philip
Highly inconsistent     by Javed Hafiz
Enable the disabled     by AJ Philip
Futile exercises     by Javed Hafiz
Reaching out     by AJ Philip
A horrible summer of war and bloodshed     by Marcel van Silfhout
Fluid scenario     by Javed Hafiz
Worthless laws     by AJ Philip
Terror has no limits     by Javed Hafiz
Pure chauvinism     by A J Philip
Magnificent obsession     by AJ Philip
The Netherlands still in shock over MH17     by Marcel van Silfhout
Sharif under pressure     by Javed Hafiz
Alarming acquittals     by AJ Philip
Challenges for Sharif     by Javed Hafiz
More confusion     by AJ Philip
End the madness of drones in our skies     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Anti-terror weapon     by Javed Hafiz
Plight of nurses     by AJ Philip
Strange ways of Dutch football commentators     by Marcel van Silfhout
Times of trouble     by Javed Hafiz
Not a sweet start     by AJ Philip
Life is a game, full of winners and losers     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Wrong approach     by AJ Philip
Diplomacy futile     by Javed Hafiz
Knee-jerk response     by AJ Philip
Sparkling no more     by Javed Hafiz
A different kind of PM     by AJ Philip
Losing glamour     by Javed Hafiz
No right to privacy     by AJ Philip
Wrong notions     by Javed Hafiz
Sheer brilliance     by AJ Philip
A last message for the earth’s benefit     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Challenges ahead     by Javed Hafiz
No baggage     by AJ Philip
Calm after the Storm; from Europe with love     by Marcel Van Silfhout
The impulsive Khan     by Javed Hafiz
Taxing the patience     by AJ Philip
Let us talk about war and its memories     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Tough equation     by Javed Hafiz
Neglected Sherpas     by AJ Philip
Media mess     by Javed Hafiz
Failure of justice     by AJ Philip
When top Van Goghs were almost lost to fire     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Sanity returns     by Javed Hafiz
Puppets of moneybags     by AJ Philip
Whiff of fresh air     by Javed Hafiz
Whipping boy     by AJ Philip
Despair as an expression of social trauma     by Marcel Van Silfhout
No dull moment     by Javed Hafiz
Face the truth     by AJ Philip
Persistence is the key to bringing about changes     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Whither ideology?     by AJ Philip
Is Wilders on way to political oblivion?     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Fighting terror     by Javed Hafiz
Green conflicts     by AJ Philip
Times are changing; goodbye good old bookstore     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Flavour of the season     by Javed Hafiz
Changing colours     by AJ Philip
It’s goodbye to local government in Holland     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Sunny days     by Javed Hafiz
No wave in India     by AJ Philip
This small world doesn’t feel so secure anymore     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Different strategy     by Javed Hafiz
Running into a wall     by AJ Philip
Back to square one     by Javed Hafiz
Telangana storm     by AJ Philip
Swiss vote results a shock for Europe     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Crucial talks     by Javed Hafiz
Back in reckoning     by AJ Philip
India’s ugly reality     by AJ Philip
Jerky road ahead     by Javed Hafiz
Still waiting for the real winter to start     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Minority obsession     by AJ Philip
Changing dynamics     by Javed Hafiz
Harsh reality     by AJ Philip
Towards change     by Javed Hafiz
The Dutch have shaken their own land     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Tharoor’s tragedy     by AJ Philip
Uncertain scenario     by Javed Hafiz
Not much joy     by AJ Philip
In a terrible jam     by Javed Hafiz
A novel TV show makes waves in The Netherlands     by Marcel Van Silfhout
The dark horse     by AJ Philip
Rising hopes     by AJ Philip
Crucial visit     by Javed Hafiz
Row over a maid     by AJ Philip
New possibilities     by Javed Hafiz
Wilders’ popularity shows democracy is working     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Kerala’s new icon     by AJ Philip
No ordinary judge     by Javed Hafiz
Farewell to the greatest modern hero     by Marcel Van Silfhout
AAP wonder     by AJ Philip
Crucial Sharif visit     by Javed Hafiz
Despair in The Netherlands is now deeper     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Sheer ignorance     by AJ Philip
Farewell to the army     by Javed Hafiz
No more Tehelka     by AJ Philip
A whack for the general     by Javed Hafiz
Right-wing European populism rises     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Icing on the cake     by AJ Philip
Imran acts tough     by Javed Hafiz
To Holland from Russia with lots of love     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Pride of India     by AJ Philip
Challenging tasks     by Javed Hafiz
A scandal that has shaken The Netherlands     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Sense and Sensex     by AJ Philip
Deadly blow     by Javed Hafiz
Playing foul with an ancient Dutch tradition     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Obama is wrong     by AJ Philip
New phase in ties     by Javed Hafiz
The Dutch are marching to Timbuktu     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Fool’s gold     by AJ Philip
Pakistan’s obsession     by Javed Hafiz
Man of the past     by Javed Hafiz
Universality of law     by AJ Philip
Honeymoon over?     by Javed Hafiz
Senseless carnage     by Javed Hafiz
The noisy Joint Strike Fighter on the horizon     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Muzaffarnagar riots     by AJ Philip
The rise of Modi     by AJ Philip
China surges ahead     by Javed Hafiz
One for statute book     by AJ Philip
Strategic dialogue     by Javed Hafiz
Chemical-free food is gaining popularity     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Juvenile justice     by AJ Philip
Hero or villain?     by Javed Hafiz
Don’t drill for shale gas in the Netherlands     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Plus point     by AJ Philip
Worried Sharif     by Javed Hafiz
Onion puzzle     by AJ Philip
No place for Taliban     by Javed Hafiz
Sheer self-interest     by AJ Philip
Unorthodox and naive     by Javed Hafiz
Cause for elation     by AJ Philip
Democracy takes roots     by Javed Hafiz
Ball lands in Fifa court amid European fears     by Neville Parker
The beast is back in The Netherlands     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Education crucial     by AJ Philip
Turning paranoid     by Javed Hafiz
Midday disaster     by AJ Philip
Noose tightens     by Javed Hafiz
Unforgettable era of the Indian telegram…     by Neville Parker
Billy and Twiggy…and their adoring customers     by Neville Parker
Crucial visit     by Javed Hafiz
A wrong concept for a holiday anywhere     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Delhi magic     by AJ Philip
For Snowden, a marriage tweet is rather sweet     by Neville Parker
Mending fences     by Javed Hafiz
Pathetic state     by AJ Philip
Yet another storm     by Javed Hafiz
Digital dementia – the new danger to humanity     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Himalayan tragedy     by AJ Philip
Cricket bookies find CMS googly unplayable     by Neville Parker
Numerous problems     by Javed Hafiz
The changing face of journalism in Europe     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Still a force?     by AJ Philip
Economic blues     by Javed Hafiz
Big Brother’s alert eyes are watching you     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Petty politics     by AJ Philip
The best bet     by Javed Hafiz
Right in the middle of a great depression     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Back in action     by AJ Philip
Dismal performance     by Javed Hafiz
The threat within     by AJ Philip
How innings of cricket’s bookie-cookie crumbled     by Neville Parker
Complex mind     by Javed Hafiz
The burgeoning role of social media     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Scandalous matches     by AJ Philip
Whiff of fresh air     by Javed Hafiz
Singh’s great fear     by AJ Philip
Political maturity     by Javed Hafiz
European solidarity in great danger     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Dangerous trend     by AJ Philip
A big happy family in the Netherlands     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Nexus exposed     by AJ Philip
The wild card     by Javed Hafiz
A case of inhumanity in the Netherlands     by Marcel Van Silfhout
No fear of law     by AJ Philip
In a soup     by Javed Hafiz
Golden Age returns to The Netherlands     by Marcel Van Silfhout
A charade     by AJ Philip
Bizarre stuff     by Javed Hafiz
From Russia with plenty of love     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Not a general     by AJ Philip
Radical plan     by Javed Hafiz
The Netherlands is a tax paradise     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Timely move     by AJ Philip
Not a saviour     by Javed Hafiz
Ice cold government that has no empathy     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Misplaced sympathy     by AJ Philip
The big poll battle     by Javed Hafiz
Shake a leg chaps, there’s always tomorrow…     by Neville Parker
A nightmare is unfolding in Europe     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Strategic decisions     by Javed Hafiz
Fallow deer becoming a pest for the Dutch     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Modern-day Houdini     by AJ Philip
Conspiracy theories     by Javed Hafiz
Laugh out aloud, just remember where you are…     by Neville Parker
News stories revealed, and on-the-record...     by Marcel Van Silfhout
An all-women bank     by AJ Philip
Poll fever rises     by Javed Hafiz
There’s good news for culture vultures     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Use of goal-line technology is all for the best     by Neville Parker
Judicial confusion     by AJ Philip
Suffering job blues? ‘Rap’ them on YouTube…     by Neville Parker
Potent issue     by Javed Hafiz
Europe’s great horsemeat scandal     by Marcel Van Silhfout
Test of fire     by AJ Philip
Correct position     by Javed Haiz
It’s a mess everywhere in The Netherlands     by Marcel Van Silhfout
Unmusical diktat     by AJ Philip
Drone strikes could unleash a new arms race     by Neville Parker
The best bet     by Javed Hafiz
The Dutch are angry and astonished     by Marcel Van Silhfout
Cry for freedom     by AJ Philip
A can of air that will set you thinking…     by Neville Parker
More bickering     by Javed Hafiz
The Netherlands set to enter a new era     by Marcel Van Silhfout
Looking into space for our creature comforts…     by Neville Parker
Awards circus     by AJ Philip
Judicial whiplash     by Javed Hafiz
Son rises in Delhi     by AJ Philip
Roller-coaster ride     by Javed Hafiz
Total breakdown in a despairing society     by Marcel Van Silhfout
Long wait for justice     by AJ Philip
Promoting peace     by Javed Hafiz
Traditional journalism is vanishing     by Marcel Van Silhfout
Misdirected anger     by AJ Philip
New worries     by Javed Hafiz
The Netherlands becomes a low-trust society     by Marcel Van Silhfout
Rape of faith     by AJ Philip
Justice for all     by Javed Hafiz
Predators on prowl     by AJ Philip
Tough days     by Javed Hafiz
An instance of cultural stupidity     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Modi’s tall claims     by AJ Philip
Total suspense     by Javed Hafiz
Now or never     by AJ Philip
There is great fear in the Netherlands     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Terrible reality     by AJ Philip
Reversible decline     by Javed Hafiz
The devastating fissures in Europe     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Look within     by AJ Philip
Political games     by Javed Hafiz
A forgotten murder case is back in focus     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Legacy of hate     by AJ PHILIP
Unsavoury trends     by Javed Hafiz
The whole truth     by AJ Philip
Learning process     by Javed Hafiz
No reason for any kind of euphoria     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Grabbing headlines     by AJ Philip
Eyes on US     by Javed Hafiz
New political era     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Challenge for Rahul     by AJ Philip
Clear message     by Javed Hafiz
Flight into disaster     by AJ PHILIP
Asian blessing     by Javed Hafiz
Business as usual     by Ajith Das
Moral support     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Reducing potency     by AJ Philip
Fast comeback     by Javed Hafiz
Cricket umpires…innocent until proven guilty     by Neville Parker
Hidden but real     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Man in a hurry     by AJ Philip
Not at the top     by Javed Hafiz
Changing times     by Marcel Van Silfhout
As countdown begins     by AJ Philip
Pakistan’s progress     by Javed Hafiz
Birthday bashing     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Wise use of wealth     by AJ Philip
Win for rule of law     by Javed Hafiz
Dutch ‘mediacracy’     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Emerging Kerala?     by AJ Philip
Taliban peace signs?     by Javed Hafiz
European psychosis     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Proof of the pudding…     by AJ Philip
Afghan refugees     by Javed Hafiz
Thinking of Holland     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Day of reckoning     by AJ Philip
The divorce option     by Javed Hafiz
Judgment Day     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Play by the rules     by AJ Philip
Waziristan action     by Javed hafiz
Dutch decision time     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Farewell my friend, a well played innings...     by Neville Parker
Ending the exodus     by AJ Philip
The real war     by Javed hafiz
Nothing is sacred     by MARCEL VAN SILFHOUT
Silver lining     by AJ Philip
Happy Zardari     by Javed Hafiz
Tiwari’s mess     by AJ PHILIP
Right step     by Javed hafiz
Worrying trends     by AJ Philip
Surreal, bizarre     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Strange signs     by Javed Hafiz
Shock and awe     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Right to education     by AJ Philip
Exciting times     by Javed hafiz
Secrecy in democracy     by AJ Philip
Futile exercise     by Javed Hafiz
Cheers to the indomitable Olympic spirit     by Neville Parker
CBI in the dock     by AJ Philip
Iceberg thaws     by Javed Hafiz
Leave us alone     by MARCEL VAN SILFHOUT
Self before nation     by AJ Philip
Will Doha get lucky this time with Olympic bid?     by Neville Parker
Modern pygmies     by Javed Hafiz
Miracle needed     by MARCEL VAN SILFHOUT
Great race tactics     by AJ Philip
Goal-line technology much needed in football     by Neville Parker
Change crucial     by Javed Hafiz
Subsidising the rich     by AJ Philip
The last hope     by Javed Hafiz
Strange but true     by MARCEL VAN SILFHOUT
Bihar myths, truths     by AJ Philip
At a crossroads     by Javed Hafiz
Dirt everywhere     by MARCEL VAN SILFHOUT
Party of differences     by AJ Philip
No ordinary person     by Javed Hafiz
Peace is a pause     by MARCEL VAN SILFHOUT
Might matters     by AJ PHILIP
Controversial trip     by Javed Hafiz
It’s up to the Greeks     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Cursed by ideology     by Ajith Das
Ties with Myanmar     by AJ PHILIP
Boiling anger     by Javed Hafiz
Cautious optimism     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Milking Air-India     by AJ PHILIP
Gains vanish     by Javed Hafiz
Decade of turmoil     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Craze for civil service     by AJ PHILIP
Complicated problem     by Javed Hafiz
Different times     by Marcel Van Silfhout
The next president     by AJ PHILIP
More uncertainty     by Javed Hafiz
Mistake rectified     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Missile muscle     by AJ Philip
Himalayan folly     by Javed Hafiz
Chandy in trouble     by AJ Philip
Significant visit     by Javed Hafiz
Dreams die     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Red fantasy     by AJ Philip
Murder and mayhem     by Javed Hafiz
Lunatic idea     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Fixing the corrupt     by AJ Philip
Rudderless ship     by Javed Hafiz
The past haunts     by Marcel Van Silfhout
The reading habit     by AJ Philip
Clarion call as ‘Angry Brides’ casts a spell     by Neville Parker
Realistic goals     by Javed Hafiz
Time alone will tell     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Why Tendulkar’s record will be tough to beat     by Neville Parker
Free laptops in UP     by AJ Philip
Ladies with a face     by Javed Hafiz
Horror ahead     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Sonset and sonrise     by AJ Philip
There’s a lesson to learn from Molly the cow     by Neville Parker
Out of the groove     by Javed Hafiz
Not an ideal world     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Supreme folly     by AJ Philip
The Baloch tangle     by Javed Hafiz
Take an elevator into space…40 years from now     by Neville Parker
Nuclear logjam     by AJ Philip
Different views     by Javed Hafiz
Mystery of the sea     by AJ Philip
Physical fitness lessons from centenarians     by Neville Parker
No more holy cows     by Javed Hafiz
Desire for harmony     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Sleazy shocker     by AJ Philip
Palestinian hunger striker’s cry for justice…     by Neville Parker
Dream comes true     by Javed Hafiz
Legendary Armstrong is Yuvraj’s inspiration     by Neville Parker
No owners     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Nightingales’ woes     by AJ Philip
World is not enough...     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Other side of the prize     by AJ Philip
Media and the message     by Javed Hafiz
The agony and ecstasy     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Sticking to his guns     by AJ Philip
Power of words can never be underestimated     by Neville Parker
Under court’s orders     by Javed Hafiz
End of the scourge     by AJ Philip
Civil-military flare-up     by Javed Hafiz
Reintroducing reforms     by AJ Philip
Aim to fight and talk     by Javed Hafiz
Bankers and morality     by Marcel Van Silfhout
The Lok Pal claptrap     by AJ Philip
Anxious uncertainties     by Javed Hafiz
Christmas thoughts     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Fighting corruption     by AJ Philip
Wishful thinking     by Javed Hafiz
Nothing new     by Marcel Van Silfhout
The two musketeers     by AJ Philip
Blessing in disguise     by Javed Hafiz
End of solidarity     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Major change     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Singh must act     by AJ Philip
In the line of fire     by Javed Hafiz
Strange scenario     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Baseless fears     by AJ Philip
New storm     by Javed Hafiz
Clash of egos     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Maya’s surprise     by AJ Philip
Fireworks ahead     by Javed Hafiz
Fear is the key     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Pakistani dilemma     by Javed Hafiz
A question of identity     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Disaster ahead     by AJ Philip
The big bang     by Javed Hafiz
Grievous sin     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Islands of prosperity     by AJ Philip
Music to the ears     by Javed Hafiz
An outsider     by AJ Philip
Big breakthrough     by Javed Hafiz
RTI Act is a deterrent     by AJ Philip
On the streets again     by Javed Hafiz
Closing digital divide     by AJ Philip
Attack not an option     by Javed Hafiz
Ridiculing poverty     by AJ Philip
Allies at odds     by Javed Hafiz
Driven to suicide     by AJ Philip
Huge disappointment     by Javed Hafiz
Cut oil consumption     by AJ Philip
Extremism still alive     by Javed Hafiz
Bihar sets an example     by AJ Philip
Humbling experience     by Javed Hafiz
Temple and tradition     by AJ Philip
Politics of a diatribe     by Javed Hafiz
India’s new dawn     by AJ Philip
Judicial corruption     by AJ Philip
Perform and get paid     by Javed Hafiz
The Matheo Solution     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Creativity a crime     by AJ Philip
Method in madness     by Javed Hafiz
The great debate     by AJ Philip
A terrible mess     by Javed Hafiz
Damiens needed     by AJ Philip
Sky is the limit     by Javed Hafiz
Looking back     by AJ Philip
Simmering cauldron     by Javed Hafiz
A Kerala sans women     by AJ Philip
Sheer arrogance     by Javed Hafiz
Qatar’s global sporting ambitions soaring     by Neville Parker
Holy treasure trove     by AJ Philip
Uncertainty ahead     by Javed Hafiz
Medical malady     by AJ Philip
Still strong     by Javed Hafiz
Uniformed criminals     by AJ Philip
Whiff of fresh air     by Javed Hafiz
Precious tag     by AJ Philip
Karzai’s sweet words     by Javed Hafiz
Baba’s shenanigans     by AJ Philip
Terror has no religion     by Javed Hafiz
Pointer to the future     by AJ Philip
Path to Afghan peace     by Javed Hafiz
Noose is for the poor     by AJ Philip
Unnecessary furore     by AJ Philip
Change necessary     by AJ Philip
Army in the dock     by Javed Hafiz
Women on top     by AJ Philip
All’s fair in politics     by Javed Hafiz
Judges unto death     by AJ Philip
World safer     by Javed Hafiz
End of endosulfan     by AJ Philip
Deaf, dumb, blind     by Javed Hafiz
Farewell ‘Mr Freedom’     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Cancer incised     by AJ Philip
Understanding reality     by Javed Hafiz
Liberal justice     by AJ Philip
Challenges lie ahead     by Javed Hafiz
Hazare’s hour of triumph     by AJ Philip
Confrontation ahead     by Javed Hafiz
New challenges ahead     by AJ Philip
Peace through sports     by Javed Hafiz
Cheap rice for votes     by AJ Philip
No-fly zone role in ‘liberation’     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Double blow for Singh     by AJ Philip
Honour vs national interest     by Javed Hafiz
Boost to Oman-Dutch ties     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Sad saga of Shanbaugh     by AJ Philip
A political gimmick     by Javed Hafiz
The bare necessities     by AJ Philip
The gathering clouds     by Javed Hafiz
Arab events confuse Europe     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Poet of love and peace     by Javed Hafiz
Wrong side of history     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Voice of reason     by AJ Philip
Cabinet reshuffle     by Javed Hafiz
A political ‘alchemist’?     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Court-driven democracy     by AJ Philip
Balochistan blues     by Javed Hafiz
The world is out of synch     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Health Mission’s giant task     by AJ Philip
State of affairs in Pakistan     by Javed Hafiz
Exodus from Holland     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Black money in tax havens     by AJ Philip
The Lahore episode     by Javed Hafiz
Sparring with WikiLeaks     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Celebrations of writing     by AJ Philip
Pakistan-Iran relations     by Javed Hafiz
A brave new world is here     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Bomb for bomb no solution     by AJ Philip
Biden’s visit to Pakistan     by Javed Hafiz
A Dutch Bhopal     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Judiciary on backfoot     by AJ Philip
The economic scene     by Javed Hafiz
Kalady’s unique temple     by AJ Philip
Troubled government     by Javed Hafiz
A white Xmas after 30 years     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Doctor in the dock     by AJ Philip
A landmark visit     by Javed Hafiz
‘The Monster’of Holland     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Something to hide     by AJ Philip
Political roller-coaster     by Javed Hafiz
Grumpy, snowy Europe     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Philanthropic billionaires     by AJ Philip
Afghan quagmire     by Javed Hafiz
Strengthening economic ties     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
Wrestling with WikiLeaks     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Turbulence in the air     by AJ Philip
The WikiLeaks and after     by Javed Hafiz
A visit to the Sultanate     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Radia and media     by AJ Philip
Politics of taxation     by Javed Hafiz
A night reminiscent of 1999     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Vote for development     by AJ Philip
wake-up call to government     by Javed Hafiz
Talking about ghosts     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Civil-military relations     by Javed Hafiz
Release of Suu Kyi     by AJ Philip
Once upon a time...     by Marcel Van Silfhout
An ‘invisible kilt’ for a Scot? Not for 007!     by Neville Parker
Obama’s visit to India     by AJ Philip
War on corruption     by Javed Hafiz
A ghost story in wintertime     by Marcel Van Silfhout
When conscience bites cop     by AJ Philip
Strange bedfellows     by Javed Hafiz
How to blow up faith      by Marcel Van Silfhout
Is Supreme Court sexist?     by AJ Philip
Judges on the offensive     by Javed Hafiz
Europe tolerant no more     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Receiving encomiums     by AJ Philip
Nato’s crucial lifeline     by Javed Hafiz
Populist politics on the rise     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Coming of age in sports     by AJ Philip
Musharraf re-enters politics     by Javed Hafiz
Essence of whacky thought ought not to be missed     by Neville Parker
Devastating Wilders show     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Verdict on Ayodhya     by AJ Philip
On presidential immunity     by Javed Hafiz
How to conquer populism     by Marcel van Silfhout
Community spirit     by AJ Philip
On the boil again     by Javed Hafiz
After Roma who?     by Marcel van Silfhout
The Ayodhya verdict     by AJ Philip
Zardari’s two years in office     by Javed Hafiz
A giant pension lie     by Marcel van Silfhout
The burden of inertia     by AJ Philip
Afghan reality check     by Javed Hafiz
The rise of populism     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Sonia’s unfinished agenda     by AJ Philip
Fractured relief effort     by Javed Hafiz
A nightmarish scenario     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Cricket code losing out in big money chase     by Neville Parker
Privileged political class     by AJ Philip
Altaf Hussain’s statement     by Javed Hafiz
Sail Amsterdam     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Moon, Mars and the myth     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
The deluge and after     by Javed Hafiz
Post-colonial ghost is back     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Bye-bye to special features?     by AJ Philip
Possible return of Musharraf     by Javed Hafiz
Speedy Slater sets a new trend in exiting job     by Neville Parker
Paradoxes and puzzles     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Countdown to Games     by AJ Philip
Zardari’s European excursion     by Javed Hafiz
Civil-military relations     by Javed Hafiz
National state of confusion     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Unpaid toil of housewives     by AJ Philip
War-centric bilateral ties     by Javed Hafiz
Death knell for innovation     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Roadside meetings     by AJ Philip
Ambivalent opposition     by Javed Hafiz
Laws of attraction     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Capital city’s new pride     by AJ Philip
Mid-term elections?     by Javed Hafiz
culprits in DSB collapse     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Media trial sans court case     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Film industry comes of age     by AJ Philip
The exit of McChrystal     by Javed Hafiz
Orange marketing     by Marcel Van Silfhout
New line for telecom sector     by AJ Philip
ISI in spotlight     by Javed Hafiz
Democracy in crisis     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Whodunits in trial and justice     by AJ Philip
Need to tighten belt     by Javed Hafiz
Nuclear diplomacy     by Javed Hafiz
Chinks in Marxist armour     by AJ Philip
Clash of institutions     by Javed Hafiz
A new international order     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
Honour killings a disgrace     by AJ Philip
Endgame in Afghanistan     by Javed Hafiz
Caterpillar invasion     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Unrest vs corporate greed     by AJ Philip
Next round of legal battles     by Javed Hafiz
The usual suspect     by AJ Philip
Faisal Shahzad episode     by Javed Hafiz
Going the distance with ‘slight papam’ at lunch     by Neville Parker
Turning the caste clock back     by AJ Philip
Lahore, now and then     by Javed Hafiz
Voice of the poor gets a global platform     by Neville Parker
A Garlic Pact     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Clash of institutions     by Javed Hafiz
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Of politics and morality     by Javed Hafiz
The taming of IPL     by AJ Philip
Miscarriage of justice     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Lessons from Tharoor saga     by AJ Philip
Can Tharoor’s ‘IPL Chronicles’ be far behind?     by Neville Parker
Iran-Pakistan oil pipeline     by Javed Hafiz
H-word no longer taboo     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Caught in the crossfire     by AJ Philip
Constitutional purge     by Javed Hafiz
Church of child abuse     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Old Abba tunes can still get your feet tapping     by Neville Parker
Judicial appointments     by Javed Hafiz
Cricketing encounters of the ZooZoo kind     by Neville Parker
Strategic dialogue with US     by Javed Hafiz
Women’s forward march     by Javed Hafiz
Hope versus fear     by Marcel Van Silfhout
The third dimension     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
Twin brothers     by Javed Hafiz
The day the henpecked cookie crumbled…     by Neville Parker
Right-wing extremism     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Cyber terrorism     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
The prodigal son     by Javed Hafiz
Out of plumb     by Marcel Van Silfhout
A chastened United States     by Javed Hafiz
The Netherlands’ misery bin     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Pakistan’s bizarre drama     by Javed Hafiz
Why the euro is on a slide     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Afghanistan peace hurdles     by Javed Hafiz
And, winners of the Bitten-Ball Trophy are…     by Neville Parker
The forbidden ‘thing’     by Marcel Van Silfhout
State of economy     by Javed Hafiz
Spyker-Saab fairytale     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Muscular exercises? Not in the office please!     by Neville Parker
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Himalayan blunder     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
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Politics and integrity     by Marcel Van Silfhout
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Winter depression     by Marcel Van Silfhout
With Billy gone, India’s tigers are orphaned     by Neville Parker
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Ring in the New Year     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
Queer cricket pitch or queering the pitch     by Neville Parker
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Kuwait Declaration     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
Two historic decisions     by Javed Hafiz
An awful truth     by Marcel Van Silfhout
How politicians can score a ‘sympathy’ goal     by Neville Parker
Three cheers for the two     by Javed Hafiz
Media’s right to privacy     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
Hop into a shared cab in Muscat, save planet!     by Neville Parker
Afghan exit strategy     by Javed Hafiz
Lady Luck and the Sehwag connection     by Neville Parker
Need for a new strategy     by Marcel Van Silfhout
The curious case of newsmen making news     by Neville Parker
Plant more trees     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
How to end atrocities on Afghan children     by Neville Parker
The cat out of the bag     by Javed Hafiz
Eastward Ho!     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
History’s costliest scientific blunder?     by Neville Parker
Lessons in modesty     by Marcel van Silfhout
Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal     by Javed Hafiz
Say Aye to the plastic-bottle boat!     by Neville Parker
Chilling food for thought at Rome summit     by Neville Parker
Israel is losing a friend     by Marcel van Silfhout
Melamine in food     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
Zardari’s future     by Javed Hafiz
India’s battle of the tongues     by Neville Parker
The Middle East road map     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
Line cut? Look to carrier pigeons!     by Neville Parker
Hillary Clinton in Pakistan     by Javed Hafiz
Archaeological heritage     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
Zardari-Sharif meeting     by Javed Hafiz
Bid for a pan-Asian bloc     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
The rise and fall of DSB     by Marcel Van Silfhout
South Waziristan offensive     by Javed Hafiz
Oman gives Dutch a treat     by Marcel Van Silfhout
A global menace     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
Attack on the GHQ     by Javed Hafiz
Controversies galore     by Marcel Van Silfhout
A nuke-free Middle East     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
Skeleton in the cupboard     by Javed Hafiz
Caught in a crisis     by Marcel van Silfhout
Gandhi in the 21st century     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
Aid with strings     by Javed Hafiz
Change in global scenario     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
Afghan scenarios     by Javed Hafiz
A ship in bad weather     by Marcel Van Silfhout
The Maoist menace     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
New education policy     by Javed Hafiz
Bankers’ bonus mania     by Marcel Van Silfhout
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An appraisal of Zardari     by Javed Hafiz
When every second counts     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Musharraf’s trial?     by Javed Hafiz
A horrifying beach party     by Marcel Van Silfhout
War and peace     by S.Madhusudhana Rao
Minus one formula     by Javed Hafiz
Conflict of interest     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Elections in Afghanistan     by Javed Hafiz
Goodbye Mr Nato     by Marcel Van Silfhout
After Baitullah     by Javed Hafiz
H1N1 holiday     by Marcel Van Silfhout
A landmark judgment     by Javed Hafiz
Interesting times     by Javed Hafiz
A Dutch secret     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Judicial activism     by Javed Hafiz
A tarnished image     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Never the twain shall meet?     by Javed Hafiz
A Wilders alarm     by Marcel Van Silfhout
The madrasa challenge     by Javed Hafiz
Paper dilemma     by Marcel Van Silfhout
From Swat to Waziristan     by Javed Hafiz
Housing for the poor?     by Marcel Van Silfhout
No interest in future     by Marcel Van Silfhout
The rise of right     by Marcel Van Silfhout
History caught in a knot     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Good friends     by Javed Hafiz
Prison dilemmas     by Marcel van Silfhout
Taliban phenomenon     by Javed Hafiz
Crisis, what crisis?     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Administrative decline     by Javed Hafiz
A nation in grief     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Zardari’s US visit     by Javed Hafiz
A depressed nation     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Resilient Pakistan     by Javed Hafiz
Hovering over Holland     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Need for progress     by Javed Hafiz
A meeting in the zoo     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Realities of economy     by Javed Hafiz
Smoking ban hurts     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Leader with a vision     by Javed Hafiz
A ‘good’ Dutch model     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Af-Pak plan realistic     by Javed Hafiz
Crisis on a crisis plan     by Marcel Van Silfhout
Iran-US relations     by Javed Hafiz
Third time lucky     by Javed Hafiz
Diplomacy to journalism     by Javed Hafiz
The numbers game     by Javed Hafiz
Turbulence ahead     by Javed Hafiz
Another deal in Swat     by Javed Hafiz
Difficult mission     by Javed Hafiz
Natural philanthropists     by Javed Hafiz
Balance of power     by Javed Hafiz
Drones vs hearts     by Javed Hafiz
For stability and peace     by Javed Hafiz
Rising pessimism     by Javed Hafiz
Alive and kicking     by Javed Hafiz
Restraint necessary     by Javed Hafiz
Cartographer’s fantasy     by Javed Hafiz
Discipline crucial     by Javed Hafiz
Foreign policy challenge     by Javed Hafiz
Pointless exercise     by Javed Hafiz
Love and hate     by Javed Hafiz
Enduring relations     by Javed Hafiz
Fragile situation     by Javed Hafiz
Terror strikes at will     by Javed Hafiz
Gone with the wind     by Ajith Das
Remembering my Ramadan days in Mideast     by Javed Hafiz
Better placed     by Javed Hafiz
Geopolitical breakthrough     by Ajith Das
Ideological rift     by Javed Hafiz
Pontiff has a ball as Atilla the Hun sleeps     by Ajith Das
Mr Unreliable     by Javed Hafiz
Brief encounters     by Javed Hafiz
Deep trouble     by Javed Hafiz
Right time to invest     by Javed Hafiz
Cooperation necessary     by Javed Hafiz
Changed thinking     by Javed Hafiz
Troubled times     by Javed Hafiz
Laudable EU move     by Javed Hafiz
Uncertainty ahead     by Javed Hafiz
Major dilemma     by Javed Hafiz
Strong message     by Javed Hafiz
Complex issues     by Javed Hafiz
Fight for hearts and minds     by Javed Hafiz
Future bright for trade     by Javed Hafiz
Pakistanis disappointed     by Javed hafiz
Marshall Plan needed     by Javed Hafiz
Suspense in Pakistan     by Javed Hafiz
Raiders of the soft dollar     by Ajith Das
Shanghai can wait     by Ajith Das
The return of the prodigal     by Ajith Das
Guns and roses     by Ajith Das
Proletarian illusions     by Ajith Das
Theatre of the absurd     by Ajith Das
Bombay index at 16,000?     by Ajith Das
Parents more stressed than wards as CBSE examination set to start
ODB to offer 60m rials in loans in ’15 to help diversify economy
Alumni all praise for India’s technical ties programme
BP Oman trains 32 small entrepreneurs
Oman to take part in Berlin tourism show
Other Top Stories
Militiamen attack Samarra ahead of army offensive
Putin critic Nemtsov shot dead in Moscow
Egypt lists Hamas as terror outfit
US sets ‘bottom lines’ for Iran N-deal
Thousands rally in Cameroon to protest against Boko Haram
Mufti all set to take oath as Kashmir chief minister today
US lawmakers laud progress in partnership
‘Fireball’ lights up Kerala skies, cause still unknown
Kerala to transform convicts into skilled personnel
No desire to become chief minister: Karunanidhi
Ramadoss slams Jaya’s birthday bash
Jaitley presents reformist budget
Two game-changing reforms on anvil
Defence spending hiked 7pc, touches $40b
10-year prison for hiding foreign assets
Steps to monetise gold proposed
Manjhi launches front to ‘expose’ Nitish
Court rejects plea of cop in ‘fake encounter’ case
Baloch crisis ‘will go out of control if government fails to act quickly’
Activists call for purging school syllabus of extremist contents
Relief goods dispatched to avalanche-hit Afghanistan
Repatriation of Rahe Nijat IDPs to start on March 16
Chaudhry under fire over car expenses
Middle East
US ready to train Syria rebels for anti-militia fight
West mulls re-engaging with Assad as militia tightens grip
Iraq stops bid to destroy antiquities
Iran blocks website over reports on Khatami
China opposes UN resolution on S. Sudan curbs
Algeria women guides fight radicalisation
Philippine army clashes with Abu Sayyaf, toll hits 26
Aquino critics warned of sedition charges amid quit calls
Our stance on Australians’ executions clear: Widodo
Get ready for war with US, Kim tells army
Australia mulls joining NZ training mission in Iraq
Myanmar scribe mocks military online, arrested
Manila official held over illegal drugs lab
Outlook on five bank deposit ratings changed to negative
Rating agencies upbeat on Oman outlook
US airlines at loggerheads on Gulf carrier subsidy dispute
Oil market may have bottomed out: Poll
India budget aims to spur growth
Budget more pragmatic, say experts
Easing inflation provides room for rate cut by RBI
‘India credit rating depends on productive growth’
India steps up infrastructure spending to boost economy
Fed asset buying a stimulus to US economy: Fischer
Smart gadgets to woo buyers at expo
Buffett may hint at opportunities abroad in letter to shareholders
Gunmen shoot dead strident Putin critic on Moscow street
Conflict in Ukraine reaches ‘crossroads’
Cameron defends security services after militia killer unmasked
Germany okays Greek bailout
Thigh-high boots spark buzz at Versace show
Ahmed Al Harthy flatters to deceive
Marseille collapse against in-form Caen
Bayern down Cologne on 115th birthday
Flawless India too powerful for UAE
Tahir hails De Villiers as ‘best of century’
I focused on basics: Ashwin
Whatmore’s knowledge will be key
Pakistan look to 1992 team for inspiration
Australia struck down by thunder Boult
Poor shot selection took match away: Clarke
England need to beat ‘big side’ Lanka: Woakes
Ailing Crowe enters Hall of Fame
Current team best on park: Fleming
Malinga gamble pays dividends for Lanka
Mexico captures wanted drug kingpin ‘La Tuta’
Man shoots dead 7 before killing himself in Missouri
US ‘could reopen’ Cuba embassy within weeks
US Congress avoids Homeland Security shutdown at eleventh hour
Uber data breach hits 50,000 drivers
Jeb Bush gets cheers, jeers from conservatives



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